Monday, June 28, 2010

Zarah from Ghana

In remote  mud-hut, Muslim villages in the Northern Region of Ghana West Africa, a small Baptist church is making a big impact through the Good News Club.  The GNC is a sports evangelism program that gives the poverty-stricken village children a place to belong. 

This is Zarah.  Here is her story as told by Pastor Ziblim Mohammed of Shalom Baptist Church.

Zarah is an adopted child in Yizegu,therefore she did not find it easy to become a Christian.There is an opposition she is facing currently, but it is not an intensive one,we are talking to her parents and now it pears that they are understanding us, the little girl is putting much effort to know Christ, she attends Church services and GNC meetings regularly.I therefore ask you to remember her in your prayers so that she would overcome and grow strong in the Lord.

Please pray for Zarah and all the children who participate in the GNC.