Saturday, October 30, 2010

Harvest Time Today

A recent message received from IHH Missionary Pastor, Ziblim Mohammed.

Dear Brethren in Christ,

I send you greetings from Ghana and Shalom Baptist Church in Tamale. All the Christian brothers and sisters here extend their sincere greetings to you with the love of God. As a local missionary and Pastor, I am more happy to share with you as fellow Christians on the Subject "HARVEST TIME TODAY'', but let me use this as a privilege to thank the senior Pastor, (Kwaku) the leadership and the entire congregation of Abundant Life Baptist Church for your support to Cheryl Read and the Ghana Team, especially your financial support to the Maize Farm Project and the Widow Care Programme, your gifts and donations are highly appreciated by the Church and these widows and orphans.Indeed, this is a clear demonstration of the love and care for the poor and needy as seen in the ministry of our Lord Jesus Christ. I encourage you to continue the good work you are doing and do it as if you are doing it for the Lord and surely you will be blessed here and after life.

Now brethren in the Lord,let me refer you to the gospel of John 4:35 about the subject, harvest time today. While the disciples of Christ were talking about tomorrow, Jesus was talking about today. This passage is simply telling us not to wait and say there is more time. The only time we have is today, therefore lets use the opportunity we have now to serve the Lord, for tomorrow maybe too late. How then can we join our Lord Jesus Christ and the harvesters in the field? Because of time constraint let me share with you three things we can do in order to be part of the harvest time today.

1. Having Passion for Missions and Evangelism
In Matthew's gospel 9:36 the Bible says that when Jesus saw the crowd he had compassion on them because of their helpless condition and harassment by their leaders. We need to develop love and passion for the lost sinners otherwise we would not be mindful of their salvation.

2. Resource Mobilization:
In Acts 2:44-45 the early Church shared their possessions together. They pooled their resources together and the result is that the Lord added to their number daily who were being saved. In other words the Church grew daily. The only way we can reach out to rescue the lost is by sharing our resources. Maybe you do not have time to be on the mission field but God has given you something that can make an impact on the missionary activities. Why don't you bring it to the Church for the promotion of the gospel? There are Missionaries, evangelists and Pastors on the Mission fields who are suffering for lack of resources to do the work. Why can't you support them with what you have?

3.Team Work:
In the same Acts 2:44 we read that all the believers were together and had everything in common. This was the idea of team work. They stand together shoulder to shoulder as a team. The reason why we need to work as a team is that there will always be a weaker ones among the strong. The weaker ones need the strong ones to pull them to stand firm and to strengthen them in the Lord.

Finally, let me conclude by recommending IHH Director, Cheryl Read, to everyone who is looking for an opportunity to serve the Lord in our Mission field in the Northern Ghana. She is honest, trustworthy and a woman of integrity and God fearing. I have served the Lord with her on the Mission field for good seven years now and I have found no fault in her,therefore she is a leader anyone can work with and be happy.

Prayer Request: I want to climax this message by appealing to you brethren in the Lord to pray with Shalom Baptist Church and the IHH Ghana Team in the following projects set up by the Church:

1.Pray for our on going Church building project for God to provide enough materials for completion,we have completed the block work,now we need funds for roofing and furnishing.

2. Implementation of a Mission School (Pre-school) by 2011. We need God's direction and guidance.

3.Orphanage Home by 2012, Pray for funds to put up the building.

4.Mission Medical Center: Pray for funding,God's direction and guidance,medical equipments,etc.

5.Pray for all our mission Churches for growth and pray for the laymen and Pastors on the ground for God's grace and favor on them to do the work successfully.

Thank you in advance for your prayer support. God bless you all.

From Pastor Mohammed (Pastor for Missions, SBC/ IHH-Ghana).