Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Ghana Adoption Advocacy

From Darren Sapp, IHH volunteer for adoption advocacy in Ghana:

I will be traveling with my son to Ghana soon to meet with numerous folks to discuss adoption and orphan care. Our goal is that by raising awareness, primarily through the church and interested entities, we will increase the number of domestic adoptions and encourage churches to begin adoption and orphan ministries. Ultimately, this will be a coalition much like the Christian Alliance for Orphans led by Ghanaians and supported by the church here and abroad.

Following are just a few of the things we hope to accomplish over the next two years:

  • Hold an annual conference for orphanage workers, pastors, government workers, etc.
  • Conduct seminars in churches to provide biblical foundations for adoption, present testimonials of those that have adopted, and present the logistical means to complete an adoption
  • Establish financial assistance programs such as church adoption funds, U.S. sponsorship programs, etc.
  • Appeal to Ghanaian government to remove any unnecessary boundaries to adoption
  • Appeal to those with the concern that an adopted child will be seen as a second class citizen
  • Create awareness in communities and train social workers to ensure that no adopted child is treated differently than biological children
  • Provide training and mentoring for experiencing parenthood for the first time or needing support adopting an older child
  • Provide theological education for pastors and layperson on adoption
  • Produce quality DVD of well-known Christian Ghanaian who has adopted

I earnestly seek your prayers over the next several weeks for divine appointments, God to speak through me, open doors, logistics, safety, missional vision for my son, and for those of my family not with me.

Darren Sapp

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  1. Thanks guys for your effort to bring these unfortunates ones to people who will love and protect them.May the lord supply the needs of this ministry.Blessings.
    Pastor kwaku.
    A-Life Baptist Church.