Sunday, December 6, 2009

IHH Ghana Mission Update

*2 starving children were found by Pastor Mohammed. By the grace of God, IHH was able to send funds for nutritional food and medical care. It looks as if they are going to survive.

*IHH Missionary Pastor, Ziblim Mohammed, recently reported that today's big fund-raising effort by Shalom Baptist Church in Tarikpaa was a huge success. They raised enough funds for the foundation of the church.

*The church in Sankpem is almost complete. They currently meet under a tree.

*Funds for the water project in Sankpem, a very poor village with NO clean water source, continue to come in. IHH is scheduled to begin the task of piping clean water into the village as soon as January 1, 2010.

*IHH is in the process of launching a Widow Care Program in the Northern Region. Pastor M. has researched and identified widows who will benefit from the program by receiving 2 goats, healthcare registration and educational funds for the children. We are also looking at ways to help them become self-sufficient with raising their own food and learning a trade that will bring in enough funds to feed their children.

*Plans are underway for a Ghana 2010 Men's/Women's Conference at Tarikpaa. Pray as the leaders prepare curriculum and train team members.

*Suyuhini Napari and Eunice Alidu, 2 young village girls, are now attending Tamale Poly-Technic, thanks to generous donors.


  1. I would love a little report about the pipeline project as an update. Could you email me and let me know? Thanks!

  2. IHH sent $14,000 last month and that will be followed up with another $6,000 probably this week. The pledge that was made last month is that last money needed. Please be in prayer for Paul's baby and his wife as they had an auto accident. Obviously that has had an impact on progress. We will post pics and another update once the project begins.