Saturday, January 23, 2010

Hope is on the Way

Everyone knows that water is a precious commodity in most parts of Africa. 

And almost everyone knows that there are two seasons in most African countries:  rainy and dry

But hardly anyone realizes how difficult life becomes during the dry season for those without clean water. 

To get an idea, imagine:
  • cooking with water the color of tea leaves
  • walking 3 miles, one way, to the nearest clean water source only to find no water pressure in the pipe
  • not bathing for weeks
  • having a sick child who drank unclean water
  • having sick animalswho drank unclean water
  • being continuallly dehydrated
  • not being able to go to school because you have to carry water, which is an all-day ordeal
  • carrying 50 lbs of water on your head for miles
  • watching babies die due to water borne diseases
In the village of Sankpem, the rains have ceased.  Daily life is a struggle.

But hope is on the way.  And many of you helped.  Thank you.

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