Thursday, December 1, 2011

"Now, the community is ...full of joy, regarding the water."

The first phase of IHH's water project in Bole Bulbula, Ethiopia has been completed! Last week the people of the community were able to have access to CLEAN water without walking 4 miles, multiple times per day!

The water pipeline runs to the new church site, in the heart of the village and close to the homes.  No longer do they need to make the long trek to the water spigot several km away, or pay inflated prices to fill their containers.

Pastor Abdissa reports that over 200 people per day have been filling their containers with fresh, clean, water  in the heart of their community, at a very minimal cost compared to before.  The cost will be offset by IHH contributions as well as by Misgana Church.

The next phases of the plan includes building a fence around the site, and also the construction of a shower facility for use particularly by the children and youth, to help prevent disease.

Thank you to ALL who have prayed and contributed, and continue to do so. Glory to God!

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