Wednesday, August 5, 2009

IHH Team doing construction in Ghana

An IHH team is in Ghana right now doing church construction work.

Here's a note from the team leader:

As of 7:30 Ghana time, Tues evening:

Everything is going great here in Ghana. We've completed our second day of construction. Yesterday we finished the slab under the first phase of the building, and today we formed and poured the concrete columns that will be in the walls and that will ultimately support the next floor.

We're all healthy. All of our luggage made it. Everything really could not be better.

The kids are working very hard, and we are very proud of them. Between the three of them, they have toted a truckload of rocks and concrete with their head-pans.

We're working alongside about thirty Ghanaians, mostly church members but some hired people as well, and they've all been a joy to get to know also.

So, all's well here. 3 more days of work, then we head home Saturday morning.

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